What is Techiccino?

Techiccino is a company that we decided to create to assist small business. It’s really easy to spend lots of money on expensive websites that is simply not cost-effective when you are starting out on your adventure.

We are here to offer rock-solid websites that are scalable and dynamic enough for you to grow alongside your business. A website (in most cases) should not be a static page that never changes. You want a living breathing site that changes with trends and your everchanging business. This is why we create websites that are simple and quick to update.

If you are interested in what services Techichinno can deliver for you then please contact us with questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

  • Secure – All websites are secure.

  • Designed to budget – we will work with you to ensure its within budget.

  • Add your content – want to post updates from your phone, no problem.

  • Daily backups – Never be worried about your content

  • Friendly staff – We pride ourselves on good communication

Any questions around the solution we would create?

Make sure you ping us a message for a free quote on your next big adventure!

Give us a shout.